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Welcome to Saint James University

We are pleased to give you a warm welcome to our University. Receive a greeting from our work team at Saint James University. We are honored to have your visit in our website. Our christian emphasis commits us to the various christian leaders in Latin America and the world. We invite you to contact us and check out our website. We will be glad to have you as part of Saint James University.


In the family field:

At Saint James University, we are conscious that this highly scientific and technologically advanced century has been witness of the vertiginous loss of human, ethic and moral values. Out of all the institutions, the Family was the most affected, with the consequential individual, social and national detriment.

The Family was instituted before the State, the Church and the Ministry, therefore, it’s the instrument that strengthens and places the fundaments of society.

Today the Family is sickened, that is reflected by the highest divorce rates in history, procreating an emotionally paralytic society. Children growing without their parents, insecure, depressive, experiencing loneliness, rejection, violence, alcoholism, drugs, delinquency, distorted models the perfect combination to allow the next generation to grow internalizing a passive aggressive conduct that will explode in the face of our children and grandchildren if we don’t do something responsible, careful and significant this very moment to bring holiness to the heart of the family.

For further information about THE FAMILY SCHOOL visit our web site  www.laescuelaparalafamilia.org